How To Make Your Picnic Outing With Your Family Fun

How To Make Your Picnic Outing With Your Family Fun (5 Ways!)

With everyone buried in their cell phones and tablets, having a traditional picnic outing can be difficult to have. Kids may feel like its a punishment to be outside and not using their phones. Even adults may find it hard to set down their phones or work and enjoy time out in the sun with their family.

However, it’s more important than ever that families make time to spend quality together. Having a picnic outing is a great way to do just that. How can you make it more fun, so everyone involved has a great time and wants to do it again? This article will offer you some key tips to make it a fun and enjoyable adventure.

1. Keep Electronics at Home

One of the first things that you should do is make a no-electronics rule. While someone should have a phone with them in the event of an emergency, that phone should be tucked away until an emergency arises. This may be a hard sell, but it will set the scene for the rest of the picnic to come.

Phones should be left at home. As should handheld video games, tablets, and other electronics. The goal is to break away from screens and instead focus on the company around you.

2. Add-In Games

To replace the stimulation that electronics provide, you’ll want to bring along games. These can be board games, puzzles, or even games that you can play outside. When it comes to board games, you might want to try something different from the standard board games.

While Monopoly, Sorry, Checkers, and other board games can be fun, kids typically associate them with the stone age. Instead, you might want to stop by your local store or even a board game store for a game that offers a gripping story and some high-risk action.

When buying a new game, make sure that you understand the rules and directions before the picnic. The last thing that you want is to be stuck reading the rules for a half-hour while your family sits there bored.

Aside from board games, you can also bring along outdoor games. Kids love cornhole, magnetic darts, and other outdoor games. You can even set up a family tournament. Of course, while the winner should get a big prize, it’s a good idea to provide a small prize for everyone who participated.

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3. Treasure Hunt

There’s nothing quite so enjoyable as a treasure hunt. No matter what your age, the idea of searching for treasure is an extremely fun one. If you intend to picnic in the backyard or at your local park, it’s a good idea to know the lay of the land.

Before the picnic even begins, you can draw up a map or perhaps make some riddles that can lead your kids from one point to the next until they discover the treasure. This is best done with a fellow parent or a friend who can either guard the treasure or watch the children while you guard the treasure.

To make the hunt even more fun, you can always bring along large and soft dice for encounters throughout their hunt. Dungeons and Dragons-style, you can have them roll a large set of dice to determine their fate. Perhaps they find a rival band of pirates or explorers who want to steal the treasure from them.

They’ll need to battle them to secure the treasure. By weaving a story around the hunt, you can ignite their imagination and provide them with a fun time that they’ll likely want to repeat as soon as possible.

4. Pack Good Food

A picnic isn’t a perfect picnic without excellent food. Your family should be excited about the food that they get to eat at a picnic rather than feeling bored about it. This can be easily achieved by packing in some of their favorite meals that they don’t always get to eat.

Maybe you want to have some delicious sandwiches, fruit or soups. Perhaps something as simple as bringing along meat that you can cook at the park is achievable.

No picnic is ever complete either without dessert. It’s this section that your kids will likely be excited the most for. You can surprise them by bringing along delicious ice cream that you keep chilled in a freezer. Or perhaps a set of flavorful popsicles is more their jam.

You can even cut up a few slices of cake and bring them to the picnic. When you open up that basket or freezer, the table set should wow your family rather than make them shrug their shoulders in indifference.

5. Location, Location, Location

Another aspect to consider when planning your picnic outing with your family is the location of the picnic. Sometimes you don’t need to go to the park. You can have a great picnic just in your own backyard. You also have the convenience of using your own bathroom should it be needed.

Your backyard should be given a bit of love before you decide to host the picnic there, however. You’ll need a table or a raised platform to set the food on. You’ll also need somewhere to sit. You can bring outdoor chairs, bean bags, or you can even go the old-fashioned way and simply sit on a blanket.

Decorating your backyard for the picnic can also be fun. You might want to bring in tiki torches or other fun lights. For those who want to set a theme or have an adventure planned to share with their family, then you can decorate the backyard accordingly.

Yet for others, they need the space that a park can offer. A change of scenery can be good for the family. Many parks also offer a playground that the kids will love to spend time on.

Plan Your Picnic Now

Picnics are a great way to bring the family together. Make picnic outing family fun, follow these tips to enjoy a great family experience.

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