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Whether you like to walk or run, you need the right kind of shoes. Standard shoes just won’t cut it.

Walking Shoes and Running Shoes Aren’t the Same Things

Since we’re talking about walking shoes in this article, let’s clear up some misconceptions. Even though they may look the same, running-shoes and waling-shoes have some key differences.

Running shoes provide shock absorption and cushioning as running is a high-intensity workout. So you’d expect your running shoes to be lightweight and have just the right amount of cushioning so that it doesn’t add weight to the shoe.

On the other hand, walking shoes provide a more snug and tight fit. Walking shoes tend to have the best cushioning as weight isn’t considered a factor.

To help you find the best walking shoes out there, you’ll want to keep the following features in mind.

1. Durability

Even just walking can severely cut down the life of your shoes. For those who walk all day, you’re providing a lot of wear and tear on your shoes. This is especially true for those who are walking on rough terrain. Rocks and sticks can eat up the soles of your feet as well as the rest of the shoe.

Because of that, you want to first choose a walking shoe that’s made up of durable material. You may not feel like you’re causing a lot of wear and tear on your shoes just because you’re walking, but you are.

If you procure a shoe that isn’t made from durable materials, then you’re going to wear it out in a matter of months. Keep your money lasting longer by investing in durable walking shoes.

2. Waterproof

You should also consider a walking shoe that is waterproof. While you don’t need water shoes, per se, the shoe should offer some form of protection from the water. If you walk all day no matter what the weather is, then you need that water protection.

If not, the water can actually start to erode and eat away at your shoe. Once moisture enters the shoe, it can start to create bacteria and mold because it’s in a warm place. As a result, you might start to suffer from Athlete’s Foot or another bacterial disease.

Keep your shoes dry and bacteria-free by investing in a shoe that has waterproofing.

3. Arch Support

If you don’t wear shoes with arch support, then you are seriously injuring your body. Even just walking can injure your body over time. Arch support helps offer support in the middle of your foot.

It’s this key area that links up to your legs and to your back. Have you ever noticed that you have back pain following a day of walking? A reason for that could be because of the lack of arch support in your shoes.

To keep your back happy and healthy, you should invest in a walking shoe that offers arch support. You’ll likely find that your stamina and endurance are improved, too.

4. Tight Fit

Often, you’ll find shoes that don’t have a snug fit around the foot. There’s a lot of material just extending past the foot. While further protection is always nice, it isn’t necessary when it comes to walking. Instead, that excess can actually weigh down your foot unnecessarily.

When choosing a great pair of shoes for walking all day, you want a shoe that wraps snugly around your foot. Your foot should still be able to breathe and have some give, but by and large, the shoe should mold around your foot perfectly.

This helps your performance by limiting the excess weight that you don’t need to lift with you. It also helps improve your grip on the ground and reduce the amount of tripping and stumbling that might occur with a bulkier shoe.

5. Firm Grip

One aspect to consider for a great walking shoe is the grip on the bottom. No matter what terrain you’re walking on, there’s always a chance that you might slip. Walking shoes that have a firm grip on their soles can provide you with protection.

The grip should also run throughout the sole rather than just being administered to either the top, bottom, or sides.

Best Shoes for Walking All Day (for Men)

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