Best Way To Pack Shoes In Suitcase

Best Way To Pack Shoes In Suitcase

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Whether you need to pack shoes in a suitcase for business or recreation. We can’t escape it, we need to carry our shoes with us. Sometimes more than a pair or two and packing them can be quite a hassle.

The common mistake that most travelers make when packing their shoes is to put them in a random place inside the luggage. If you pack your shoes in the middle of the suitcase they could be damaged as well as consume more space than is necessary.

Here are some considerations you should make when packing your shoes.

1. Packing Less is Better

While less is better, taking no more than three pairs is ideal. One pair could be for formal wear, one is for casual wear, and one pair of sneakers could be for hiking or sports, for instance.

2. Use Shoe Freshener

To prevent the sweaty shoe smell from mixing into your clothes and other items, you should spray freshener inside your shoes for at least two days, let them dry, and then pack them.

3. Arrange Your Shoes

You can place them at the bottom of the sides of the suitcase with the soles being placed against the walls. The heaviest shoes should be flat against the walls near the wheels.

Flip-flops and flats should be packed last. You can also packed them in the extra space or inside pockets when you are done with the packing.

4. Protect Your Items

In addition to spraying your shoes with shoe fresheners, you can cover your shoes to protect your clothes from smells and dirt. You can do this by rolling them in t-shirts or towels by using a shower cap or plastic bag, or by using a resealable gallon bag.

Also, you can keep the form of your shoes by placing socks in them. Your stilettos, platforms, and more can keep their form when they get squished. Delicate shoes, like formal shoes, can be wrapped in a t-shirt or a scarf.

5. Maximize Luggage Space

To maximize your luggage space, you can pack fewer shoes, as mentioned before. You should only pack those that are necessary. Furthermore, you should use basic colors, like white, brown, or black, that can pair up with various outfits.

Another way to save space is by packing your bulkiest shoes, like boots or sneakers, separately. You also can wear them while traveling. You also can pack small items, like socks, watches, sunglasses, or jewelry, in your boots to maximize space in your suitcase.

6. When You Pack Them in a Backpack or a Duffel Bag

You shouldn’t pack any more than two pairs of shoes in a backpack due to limited space. You also can wear one of the pairs and put the other pair in the backpack.

You should do the same things for a duffel bag like the backpack, but you can possibly put in one or two additional pairs of shoes.

Additionally, you should clean, freshen, and cover your shoes as you would with regular suitcases for a duffel bag or a backpack. Otherwise, place your shoes at the bottom and then the largest and heaviest items next to the shoes in a duffle bag. The items needed should also be at the top of the duffle bag for easy accessibility.

7. Other Key Points:

Other vital points when it comes to packing your shoes include the following:

  • Pack your shoes by putting each pair by heel to toe and the soles facing opposite directions, like you would when storing them in shoe boxes.
  • Squeeze in some underwear, socks, and t-shirts in between open spaces.
  • When it comes to heels, you can squeeze these and other small items under the heel area.


Packing is seldom fun, but neither is arriving at your destination disorganized and smelly.

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