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Top 3 | Best Water Resistant Backpack for College

College is undoubtedly one of the most important phases of one’s life. No matter if you are in a well-reputed college or not. There is no doubt that we learn a lot during our college time. Not just academically. But also about life as well. College is what takes young, immature boys and girls from high school and turns them into men.

Opens their eyes to the world. However, college life also has a lot of pressure. With all the studies, classes, assignments, sports and the extracurricular activities. It goes without saying that you would always need to be on your toes. Something that always stays with a student at all times is their backpack.

And being a college student you would very much need a good quality backpack that can handle all conditions with ease. And a water resistant one will be the best option. However, most water resistant backpacks out there are very expensive. And the ones that are affordable usually do not come with good designs.

Nonetheless, to help solve this issue we have handpicked some of the best water resistant backpack for college and reviewed them in details. So that you can get a clear understanding and chose the one that is best for you.

Best Water Resistant Backpack for College:

  • WB Reinforced Design Water Resistant Backpack.
  • ZZRS Business Laptop Backpack.
  • Timbuk2 Spire Backpack.

1. WB Reinforced Design Water Resistant Backpack:

There are many different water-resistant backpacks out there. All very different from each other in every way. However, when it comes to finding a water resistant backpack for college, then the job seems to be a bit tough. And this is due to the preferences. As a college student, you would want something that is a bit good looking and appealing.

Sadly, most water resistant backpacks are not. However, there are a few exceptions. This WB Reinforced Design Water Resistant Backpack for example. You cannot judge it by it’s simple and cute design and say that this is not a water-resistant backpack. Because it is.

We wouldn’t want to talk about the colors and the designs of this backpack much. And that is because this backpack comes in many different colors and design patterns. Starting from the Line-Up Navy Orange, Mia Tile, Ocean Blue to the Forest Green Camo. There is surely a color for you in store as well.

Keeping the color patterns apart, this backpack has a very nice design overall. On the front, there is a medium-sized compartment. This is not small by any means whatsoever. And will surely help to store your small accessories like earphones, sunglasses, notepads and what not.

In addition, there are actually two other main compartments on this backpack. Judging it by its shape, you may think that this backpack doesn’t have much space. Well, actually it does. There is enough space to keep your books and notes in check. There is also a separate laptop compartment as well. It is very well padded.

For such an affordable price tag, the quality that this bag offers is truly excellent. It is made from a high quality 100% polyester material and can surely tackle the hardest and wettest of conditions. Your books and notes inside will never get spoiled and wet, thanks to the backpack’s water-resistant capabilities.

Small backpacks like these are usually very easy to carry. This one is no exception. The shoulder straps are very well padded and they are also adjustable. So you really do not need to worry about anything.


  • Affordable.
  • Small and compact.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Comes in multiple colors and designs.


  • The colors are a bit too bright and flashy.

Check Price on Amazon:

Reinforced Design Water Resistant Backpack (Personalized, Line Up Navy Orange)
  • Includes: 1 Backpack
  • Mongrams are typically done First Name, Last Name, Middle Name
  • Embroidery will be done as provided
  • Should you want something different or have a question please contact us via email
  • 13" L x 5" W x 17" H

2. ZZRS Business Laptop Backpack:

If you are not willing to spend much on a backpack. But also want the best value for money. Then the ZZRS Business Laptop Backpack will be your best option to go for. Even though, ZZRS is not a very well known brand. Despite that, their products are of very high quality and have very good ratings and reviews. The ZZRS Business Laptop Backpack is one of them. So let’s see what this has to offer.

The ZZRS Business Laptop Backpack is not really a water resistance backpack. Rather, it is fully waterproofed. And that is even better. This backpack is made from a waterproof oxford polyester material. Giving it the waterproofing capabilities. Despite being a waterproofed bag, the crucial parts of this backpack are still very breathable.

This is not only due to the high quality of the material. But also because the backpack has a breathable and padded liner made of mesh. There is also mesh padding on the shoulder straps as well. Giving you very good comfort and stability while carrying the backpack. When you are busy in college, there will always be the risk of stuff getting stolen from your bag.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, this backpack has a theft-proof combination lock system. This works very nicely to keep your backpack safe and secure at all times. The zippers are also immensely sturdy and hard. So no one can really open them in a quick motion. Enhancing the safety even more.

This is comparatively a large backpack. And one of the many advantages of carrying a large backpack is the space inside. The ZZRS Business Backpack is no exception. This has a huge capacity. In addition to the main compartment, this has 3 main pockets, 9 inner small pockets & 2 sealed side pockets.

Some may think that the extra pockets are all just show and they don’t come of much use. However, that’s wrong. The multiple different small pockets do an excellent job of keeping your items very well organized. There is also separate space for your laptop, iPad, books, pens and what not. So space is something that you would definitely get a lot in this.


  • Loads of space.
  • Waterproof.
  • Breathable.
  • Simple and minimal design.


  • The design is not very funky or trendy.

Check Price on Amazon:

Business Laptop Backpack,School Bookbag,Travel Computer Backpack Water Resistant with Anti-Theft Lock & USB Charging Port Fits 15.6 inch Laptop for Women & Men-Gray
12 Reviews
Business Laptop Backpack,School Bookbag,Travel Computer Backpack Water Resistant with Anti-Theft Lock & USB Charging Port Fits 15.6 inch Laptop for Women & Men-Gray
  • Security against theft: Carefully designed password anti-theft device, go out to walk also do not have to worry about valuables stolen, rest assured travel
  • USB design: Two USB sockets are installed outside the package, as well as glued fixed lines containing data lines, which are more convenient to use and not messy.
  • Unique fabric: High texture anti-water fabric, thick fabric, wear-resistant, waterproof, backpack more breathable design, perspiration and breathable, to achieve comfortable heat dissipation effect
  • Functional partition: Multiple small pockets compartment to meet your need to place items, more convenient to store and remove, on the strap also designed zipper pocket and glasses hanging bag, the back also has a set of pole design suitable for luggage...
  • Large capacity: A large main bag and four auxiliary bags, the main bag is designed for notebook computer, magic fixed stickers protect the computer, the middle bag can hold iPad. the two sides of the bag also can hold water bottle pocket and buckle

3. Timbuk2 Spire Backpack:

If you are looking for a backpack that is a bit different from most traditional backpacks. But still holds a very good water resistance or waterproofing capabilities, then the Timbuk2 Spire Backpack is something that you should check out on.

We can say without a doubt that this is the best looking backpack on our list. And very likely so. With it’s one single matte color design with the black in between. It really gives a nice overall look to the backpack. And not just the color schemes, but the flap opening also makes this backpack look quite the part.

Starting off, this backpack is made from a 630D Oxford Nylon material. This material is of very high quality and it surely shows in the build of the bag. The thing that makes this backpack waterproof is the roll top plus incognito back zip access. This cover will make sure no water whatsoever gets inside the backpack compartments.

So the design of the backpack is very smart as well. Backpacks that are designed a bit differently and all tend to be a bit tough to carry. However, that is not the case with the Timbuk2 Spire Backpack.

Thanks to the smart strap design, it provides a comfortable and stable fit overall. However, one thing that we didn’t like about the backpack is that its sleeve can only hold a 15″ laptop. Other than that, we would say that this is definitely a very good backpack and you should definitely try using it.


  • Unique and appealing design.
  • Well Made.
  • High quality.
  • Comes in different color schemes.
  • Good ventilation.


  • The laptop sleeve can hold only a 15″ laptop.
Timbuk2 Spire Laptop Backpack, Goldrush, OS
303 Reviews
Timbuk2 Spire Laptop Backpack, Goldrush, OS
  • Laptop pocket fits 15 inches MacBook and iPad
  • On strap bottle opener for party tricks and quick refreshment
  • Elasticized external side pocket for water bottle or U-lock and exterior webbing offers attachment for carabineers, or U lock
  • Large main compartment for books, jacket, and other carry-on essentials with an internal organizer for pens, phones, and other small stuff
  • Custom fit strap design for a truer, more comfortable fit with Removable sternum strap

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