Best underseat carry on backpack

Top 3 – Best Underseat Carry on Backpack

With airline regulations increasing and getting strict every day. It goes without saying that you would definitely want to take advantage of your carry on luggage or backpack. As this is the only place where you have some sort of freedom and regulations are very minimum. Nonetheless, we believe that using backpacks as under seat carry on luggage is the best way to go.

Because of the simplicity of backpacks. They can be used anywhere at any time. They are immensely spacious and will surely help you carry all the small stuff that you might need on and off your flight. So without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at which is the best underseat carry on backpack.

Best Underseat Carry On Backpack:

  • SwissGear Travel Gear Lightweight Bungee Backpack.
  • Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop Travel-Friendly Backpack.
  • Kensington SecureTrek 17″ Lockable Anti-Theft Laptop & Overnight Backpack.

1. SwissGear Travel Gear Lightweight Bungee Backpack:

SwissGear is a brand that almost everyone one of us is very well familiar with. No matter which part of the world you live in. And for the high quality and reliable products they make. It goes without saying how good of a brand they are. However, many might be unaware of the fact that Swissgear makes some excellent backpacks as well.

The SwissGear Travel Gear Lightweight Bungee Backpack being one of them. If you keep an eye out, you will notice that there are many different backpack manufacturers out there making super high quality and luxurious backpacks. The quality they have is top notch. But it is the price that bothers us the most.

And we are pretty sure no one will be willing to pay so much money for a simple carry on backpack. Nonetheless, this is where SwissGear is a bit different. The SwissGear Travel Gear Lightweight Bungee Backpack is very affordable in comparison to most backpacks out there. And the great thing about it is that it does not sacrifice in quality. So there is that.

Being a product from SwissGear, this backpack has a very simple and minimal design. And that is what you would very likely expect from them. This doesn’t have any extra or unnecessary features. And we really like it. This does indeed have a very sleek design. On the front of the backpack, there is a medium-sized compartment.

This is not very small and can surely hold your small type of accessories. Just at it’s back is another compartment. This one is a bit larger. And then there is the main compartment of the backpack. Which is very wide and indeed very spacious. Inside the main compartment, there is a separate laptop compartment which is pretty huge.

And we can assure you that it is one of the most well-padded laptop sleeves that we have ever seen on a backpack at this price range. This backpack has two mesh pockets on the side to keep hold of your water bottles. The shoulder straps are very thick and also well padded.


  • Simple, sleek and minimal.
  • Very convenient with the many different pockets.
  • Sturdy and well made.
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect for traveling, school, commuting.


  • Some may prefer a bigger backpack.

Check Price on Amazon:

Swiss Gear Bungee Backpack, Black/Grey, One Size
286 Reviews
Swiss Gear Bungee Backpack, Black/Grey, One Size
  • Audio interface with headphone pull through
  • Padded shoulder strap system
  • Airflow back system
  • Mobile device pocket
  • Water bottle pocket

2. Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop Travel-Friendly Backpack:

If you want something a bit larger in size and something that is not very generic. Then you can go for the Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop Travel-Friendly Backpack. It will be an excellent option to use as a carry on backpack. Coming in at many different colors, you can surely choose the one that suits your style the best.

However, it is not the colors and all that makes this so good. But rather the design and build. When a certain backpack says itself to be travel-friendly, then you would very much expect it to meet its promises. So does it? One thing that we can surely say about this backpack is that it is very well built. And that is a fact. There is no going out about it.

This backpack is indeed very well built. It is made from a material labeled as Ballistic Nylon material. We don’t know about the naming, but this backpack can surely take the hit. No matter what you throw at it. The material may seem very soft and mushy. But it is rather very well made and durable.

Nowadays, in the midst of so many colorful and funky backpacks. The Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop Travel-Friendly Backpack is truly an exception. It has a very minimal looking design. Despite having just two compartments, this backpack has a lot of space. There are actually two compartments on the front.

There is also a small one with the zipper on the side as well. Speaking of zippers. We really like the unique zippers on this. They also hold on very nicely too. Once you open it, you will see how nicely made and well padded the interior is. It has quality and it surely shows that in it’s built. You can easily carry a 15″ laptop inside the laptop sleeve.

Many backpacks these days do not have good air ventilation and padding on the back. Meaning that while you are carrying them for a long time, you get very sweaty and everything rather feels very uncomfortable.

Fortunately, this won’t be the case with the Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop Travel-Friendly Backpack. Because this has a very good channeled air mesh ventilated back panel. Enhancing airflow and keeping your back cool and dry at all given times.

However, one thing that we didn’t really like much about this backpack is it’s shoulder straps. We believe that they could have been much better. Nonetheless, other than that, we do not have any major complains regarding this backpack. It is overall a very nice and convenient one to use as a carry on backpack.


  • Comes in a number of different color patterns.
  • Durable.
  • Simple.
  • Has a very good lining on the interior.


  • The shoulder straps could have been a bit more well padded.

Check Price on Amazon:

Timbuk2 Uptown Travel-Friendly Laptop Backpack, Midway , One Size
219 Reviews
Timbuk2 Uptown Travel-Friendly Laptop Backpack, Midway , One Size
  • Laptop compartment fits 15 inches MacBook plus iPad in separate pocket
  • Front zip pocket for keeping small items in check
  • Large main compartment for books, jacket, and other carry on essentials
  • Channeled airmesh ventilated back panel

3. Kensington SecureTrek 17″ Lockable Anti-Theft Laptop & Overnight Backpack:

Majority of the time, most of the things that we are carrying in our carry backpack are electronics. Our laptops, pads, tablets, phones and what not. If you are someone like that then the Kensington SecureTrek 17″ Lockable Anti-Theft Laptop & Overnight Backpack will surely be the best option for you.

And this is down to it’s designated special compartments and high extra alert security. Starting off, this backpack has a very solid and rigid shape. Tha material is very hard and there is absolutely nothing soft and squishy about it. Speaking of security, this backpack has zippers that we have not seen in any other backpack till now. They are immensely sturdy.

And no thief can just open them within a jiffy. They will need quite the effort. As we mentioned before, this backpack is a very well made one. And what happens during flights is that you never know when your backpack might just hit something and get turned down. To prevent this from happening, this has an anti-puncture zipper for device compartment resists intrusion by a sharp object. So your valuables will be protected at all times.

There are three compartments on this backpack, with two of them being the main ones. However, the compartments are very different from traditional looking backpacks. Especially the way they open is really unique. The compartments are also very well padded. So you can keep your electronics safely at bay.

Despite looking all bulky and big. This backpack is rather easy and comfortable to carry. And this is something that you would very much need an under seat carry on backpack. The Kensington SecureTrek 17″ Lockable Anti-Theft Laptop & Overnight Backpack has a very well padded backside, this makes the overall bag very easy to carry.


  • Provides high security and safety.
  • Sturdy high-quality zippers.
  • Highly padded compartments.
  • Unique design.
  • Smartly made.


  • Some may not like the bulky design.

Check Price on Amazon:

Kensington SecureTrek 17' Lockable Anti-Theft Laptop & Overnight Backpack (K98618WW)
93 Reviews
Kensington SecureTrek 17" Lockable Anti-Theft Laptop & Overnight Backpack (K98618WW)
  • Secure Trek Lock Base lets you click in hammerhead zipper pulls to deter theft attempts and unauthorized access into your backpack
  • Kensington Portable Laptop Lock (sold separately) secures bag to a fixed object
  • Anti-puncture zipper for device compartment resists intrusion by sharp object
  • Lock Loop ideal for a TSA-approved travel lock when checking bag at airport
  • Checkpoint-friendly design can lay flat through scanner (follow all TSA instructions)
  • Padded device compartments hold up to 17” laptop and 10” tablet
  • Wheeled luggage pass-thru conveniently straps to an extended handle
  • Padded back provides a more comfortable carry, especially when backpack is full

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