Best Size Suitcase for 1 Week Trip

Best Size Suitcase (for 1 Week Trip!)

Do you need to travel somewhere for a single week? A one-week visit can be difficult to pack for since it’s longer than a few days, but it isn’t exceptionally long. To help you find the best-sized suitcase for your one-week trip, here are a few aspects to keep in mind.

1. Compact Size

When traveling somewhere for a week, you can get away with packing only a few outfits. You might even be able to wear your pants two or three times. You can also further cut down on bringing more clothes by simply using a washing facility to wash the few sets of clothes that you have.

By limiting the number of clothes that you have, you can choose a compact-sized suitcase. While not necessarily small, this kind of suitcase offers a lot of storage space while retaining a compact shape. It’s smaller, not too bulky, and can fit just enough clothes for your one-week visit.

2. Pockets

The key to having a suitcase that rests somewhere between the small-and-medium size is pockets. Those pockets can house a lot of additional items that you want to bring along with you. Chargers, toiletries, even your socks can all be smooshed into those pockets.

This frees up space in the rest of the suitcase for another pair of clothes or any other larger essentials that you need to bring along with you. Since your trip is only a week-long, you won’t need to bring all of your creature comforts.

3. Hard Shell

You might want to consider using one of the polycarbonate suitcases for a week-long trip. These hard shell suitcases are sizable enough to easily fit a plethora of clothing while still retaining its compact shape. They’re also typically small enough to fit onto the plane as a carry-on.

With its hard exterior, you’ll also find that it does a great job of keeping the items within the suitcase safe. No matter what kind of jostling occurs, you can rest assured that your belongings are safely tucked inside of it.

If you want to splurge a little on your hard shell suitcase, then you might also benefit from procuring one that is scratch-resistant. This can further increase the longevity of your suitcase and keep it looking brand new for several years.

4. Front-Loading

Another aspect to consider for your week-long trip suitcase is a front-loading suitcase. This is a kind of suitcase that opens along the side and allows you to immediately access all of the contents within it.

Other suitcases require you to pack them from the bottom and up. If you ever need an item on the bottom of the suitcase, then you’re going to have a tough time searching through everything on top of it to find it. Front-loading suitcases remove that issue.

This is a great choice for those who want to quickly find whatever it is that they’re searching for. Front-loading suitcases also tend to come in smaller, more compact, sizes as well. That’s an excellent choice for a week-long trip.

5. Duffel Bag

One last option to consider for a week-long trip is a duffel bag. This is a great choice for those who don’t plan on bringing a lot of items with them. If you’re only bringing two or three outfits and some toiletries, then a duffel bag may be just what you need.

Depending on its size, you can even carry the duffel bag on with you as a carry-on. Duffel bags are easy to carry around, easy to store, and still offer a decent amount of space for your things.

Best Size Suitcases for 1 Week Trip

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