Best polycarbonate luggage reviews

Best Polycarbonate Luggage Reviews

For those who do a lot of traveling, polycarbonate luggage is the ideal way to go. Its hard shell keeps the items stored within safe and secure. The following features make for some of the best polycarbonate luggage that you can procure.

1. Expansion/Collapse

One feature that many people tend to choose soft shell luggage over hard shell luggage is the give that it offers. Because soft shells are expandable, you can fit just a bit more inside of the suitcase than you could with traditional polycarbonate luggage. However, that isn’t the case anymore.

With some brands innovating polycarbonate luggage technology, they have made it so you can expand the suitcase just a bit, before then collapsing it. This helps the suitcase remain snug around the items inside and keep it that carry-on size that you desire.

When looking for the best polycarbonate luggage out there, you’ll want to focus on those that allow expansion and collapse capabilities. You never know when you’ll need just an inch more of room.

2. Scratch-Resistant

Another feature that the best polycarbonate luggage provides is a scratch-resistant surface. While you already have the hard shell providing durability and safety for your items inside of it, the surface can still be scratched and blemished. That’s why you need polycarbonate luggage that has a scratch-resistant surface.

No matter the abuse that it undergoes, its surface will remain glossy and fresh. It also helps keep the suitcase more durable. When choosing polycarbonate luggage, the best will offer a scratch-resistant surface.

3. Ultra-Light

A lot of problems that travelers face when using polycarbonate luggage is its weight restrictions for a carry-on. Even if you pack light, the shell, itself, can sometimes make it weight too much to be allowed as a carry-on.

That’s why the best polycarbonate luggage actually utilizes an ultra-light polycarbonate material. You can still expect the same durability and strength from your traditional polycarbonate luggage, except that the ultra-light version also reduces its weight.

This can help ensure you’re able to take your luggage with you on the plane.

4. Aluminum Handles

Not a lot of thought is always put into the handles of luggage. However, you shouldn’t take them for granted. If the handle breaks, then you’re going to have an awkward time hauling the luggage with you.

Some of the best polycarbonate luggage features a handle made of aluminum. This material is a great choice because it’s durable, light, and it doesn’t rust. If you’re stuck outside in the rain, then your handle might see some wear and tear if it isn’t made of plastic or aluminum.

Plastic, unfortunately, can degrade and break over time. Aluminum can last a lot longer. If you want every aspect of your polycarbonate luggage to last as long as it can, then you should invest in polycarbonate luggage that has an aluminum handle.

5. Switch Out Zippers With Clips

Have you ever been walking with your luggage crammed full only for the zippers to give way and rip open? Before you know it, all of your items are on the floor for everyone to see. Zippers don’t always offer the most secure method for keeping luggage closed.

That’s why you might want to consider polycarbonate luggage that has clips instead of zippers. The clips securely latch the luggage closed. No matter how much bulk inside of the luggage, those latches will remain shut.

This is a more secure method for keeping your luggage shut. Some polycarbonate luggage even offers a locking mechanism to ensure no one but yourself can open the suitcase and access the contents inside.

Best Polycarbonate Luggage

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