Best luggage tag for international travel

Best Luggage Tags for International Travel


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How often do you think airlines lose luggage? Would a luggage tag help?

It’s estimated that in 2019 alone, airlines will lose or mishandle upwards of 1.7 million pieces of luggage. It’s staggering to imagine.

Let me share my story.

A few years ago, on a flight from Berlin to Kyiv, my luggage was lost. I spent almost 2 hours waiting for assistance, only to eventually talk to a customer service agent who spoke poor English. After filling out a report and providing a telephone number (which I was lucky worked overseas), I left the airport unsure if I’d ever see my suitcase again.

And when it did arrive, I wasn’t even sure it was mine!

It may seem crazy, but I was only able to describe my suitcase as black with thankfully a broken front zipper. I couldn’t even recall the brand!

The question I asked myself then was, could this have been avoided?

Thinking back … my suitcase didn’t fit in the overhead bin, so I couldn’t take it on the plane. And without other options, I had no choice but to check it at the ticket counter.

But I could have made the debacle a little less worrisome if I had labeled the bag with my name and telephone number.

In this article, we’re going to review three luggage tags that’ll help you avoid the worrisome ordeal described above.

International Airports and Fragile Luggage Tags

We trust airlines to return to us our personal belongings — a suitcase, a box, or whatever else we’ve given them. It’s a part of the contract we sign up for when we fly.

But sadly airlines don’t always live up to their part of the deal.

It’s why I suggest you attach a high-quality luggage tag to every piece of luggage you travel with.

Luggage tags ensure that if your suitcase is lost, someone will know who it belongs to. It’ll make things a lot easier for airline personnel to return it to you. You can try your luck with the cheap, flimsy ones offered at the counter during check-in, or you can invest in something a little more durable — something that’ll even provide some uniqueness to your black suitcase that just happens to look like everyone else’s.

Different Types of Luggage Tags

Classic Leather

Elegant, for both men and women. It’s also durable, fashionable, and made from high-quality genuine leather.

In addition, this one has a steel buckle, which adds a nice touch. You can even extend the length of the strap in case you’re carrying a large bag.

SwissElite Genuine Leather Luggage Tags & Bag Tags 2 pieces Set in 14 Color
243 Reviews
SwissElite Genuine Leather Luggage Tags & Bag Tags 2 pieces Set in 14 Color
  • High quality genuine leather,soft and durable.
  • Reinforced and extended genuine leather strap: the buckle is made of 304 stainless steel and extremely durable;the length of the strap has been extended to make it easier to attach the tags to big items.
  • Two side printing information card: you can put two different addresses on front side and the back side.A smart card for writing personal information of luggage owner.
  • Privacy flap to protect your personal information: you can open the flap slightly to look into and make sure this is your stuff, while most of the time your privacy remains safe and sound from other travelers.
  • Strong and sturdy design: this tag has undergone dozens of long distance trip by land and by air to make sure it can survive any demanding traveling environment.

Sturdy Metal

A luggage tag made out of steel, which is immensely durable.

You can even personalize and engrave your details on it as well, which makes it more secure while traveling.

Two Privacy Luggage Tags Stainless Steel Metal ID Bag Tag With Lifetime Never Lost Guarantee
455 Reviews
Two Privacy Luggage Tags Stainless Steel Metal ID Bag Tag With Lifetime Never Lost Guarantee
  • High quality luxury luggage tag forged of thick stainless steel metal (not flimsy aluminum like others). Instantly spot your bag while looking sophisticated and professional. Perfect unique luggage tag for men or women. Designed with your privacy in mind...
  • First class customer service included. You also receive a lifetime luggage tag replacement guarantee. If your luggage or tag ever gets lost, we'll quickly ship out a replacement at no extra cost.
  • Easily personalized with your custom details using the either of the two supplied inserts (one in red and one in white). Also includes two options to attach the luggage tag to your bag, one black leather and one sturdy steel metal loop. PDF template...
  • Perfect travel gift. You also receive a high quality retail packaging making this ID bag tag a perfect as a gift for anyone in your life that loves to travel either for work or for fun.
  • Perfect luggage tag accessory for high end luggage brands such as Bluesmart, Hartmann, Travelpro, Tumi Adrienne Vittadini, Rimowa Samsonite, and others.

Rubber Tags

If you want something a bit simpler and less flashy, rubber is the way to go.

This is a very basic pair of tags, which may be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s bendable too so you don’t need to worry about it breaking.

Shacke Luggage Tags with Full Back Privacy Cover w/Steel Loops - Set of 2 (Aqua Teal)
2,034 Reviews
Shacke Luggage Tags with Full Back Privacy Cover w/Steel Loops - Set of 2 (Aqua Teal)
  • 4. 5 x 2.5 in. Luggage Tags - 2 Tags in 1 Set
  • Made of Sturdy High Quality Rubber w/ Steel Loops
  • Identification Card Helps To Hide Your Personal Information
  • Fully Bendable / Flexible Material to Prevent Breaking or Losing your Tags
  • Includes A Privacy Back Cover That Fully Hides Owner’s Information

Be Safe While Traveling

Using a luggage tag with your name and telephone number will provide you with peace-of-mind and save you valuable time in the event your luggage is lost.

Guards at security checkpoints can quickly determine who owns the suitcase upon inspection and airline personnel can use the information to more easily reroute lost luggage saving you time. For such a minimal investment, there’s really no reason not to have one.

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