Best large suitcase for international travel

Best Large Suitcase for International Travel

When you’re traveling internationally, you have a lot that you need to bring with you. However, it can be difficult to know what kind of suitcase is the best for international travel. Here are a few features to keep in mind for the best large suitcase for international traveling.

1. Rollers

One of the best things that you can include in your large suitcase is wheels. Because it’s large, that suitcase is going to be incredibly heavy. If you have to walk a long distance to the hotel or from one end of the airport to the other, then lugging it around isn’t going to be fun.

That’s why you might want to choose a large suitcase that has wheels. You can easily pull it behind you instead of tiring yourself out by carrying it. Those wheels should come with 360-degree movement.

They, and its spokes, should also be made of aluminum. This is a great material that can make them last longer. You can also avoid corrosion like rust.

2. Additional Pockets

While a large suitcase should have a large carrying capacity just in its main pocket, you can’t go wrong with having additional pockets. These serve for smaller items. You can also put items that you may need quick access to in them. Phone chargers, socks, even some documents can go in those pockets.

3. Latches

International travel often requires a lot of transfers and sitting in airports you’ve never been in before. While it may be nice to think that no one would ever attempt to break into your suitcase, that isn’t very realistic. You need to beef up the security for your large suitcase with latches.

Zippers can be easily accessed and can also be a pain to work with sometimes when they snag. Latches, on the other hand, securely close your suitcase without a problem. You can also a padlock or other security measures to a latch.

No one can open the latch unless they have the key or passcode to the lock. This helps ensure the safety of your suitcase. No one will be able to access its contents except you.

4. Durable Shell

Another important aspect to consider is all of the abuse that your suitcase is going to take during an international flight. The process of boarding a suitcase onto a plane isn’t always the most gentle.

Because international flights are also quite crowded, it’s also going to be pressed snugly in the storage compartment with other suitcases. With the pressure of the plane as it takes off and lands, your suitcase is gonna see a lot of abuse all around.

A hard shell is a great option for those who want to make sure their delicate items make it to foreign shores safely. Those durable shells should also be scratch-resistant. Scratches can make a suitcase slowly wear down over time. Plus they just appear drab and old when scratched up.

5. Interior Straps

Besides the exterior of the suitcase, the interior is important, too. A fantastic large suitcase for international travel has interior straps. These can either be actual straps, a sleeve, or even fabric sheets that are zippered open or closed.

These straps are a great way to secure delicate items like laptops or other electronic devices. The fabric sheets can also be used to help divide and organize your items. When you need more space, you can un-zip the sheet and open up more space to be used.

That’s a great option for those who are thinking about bringing home souvenirs. Sleeves are also effective for securing loose items.

Best Large Suitcases for International Travel

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