Best Carry on Luggage with Laptop Compartment

Best Carry on Luggage with Laptop Compartment

The New Era

Long gone are the days when every traveler carries a pen and a notebook with them. Now, before you go and burst into laughter. It is very necessary to know that back then there weren’t many other alternatives.

Computers were something that only belonged in homes and laptops were super heavy and not at all portable. In addition, bags and luggage made at that time were also not very well suited or favorable for carrying laptops as well.

However, times have changed a lot since then. Almost everyone carries a laptop while traveling because of work or entertainment purposes. In addition, thanks to the ultra slim and smooth designed laptops today.

It has become way easier to travel with a laptop now. Since now more people are carrying laptops while traveling, the demand for bags and suitcases that have laptop compartments have increased as well. With all the big names coming into the market with some excellent products.

You Never Bought a Luggage Before?

If you didn’t already know, buying a new carry on luggage, bag, a suitcase is not easy as it seems. Because you just cannot randomly go on and choose a luggage that you like. There are some things and factors that you would need to keep in mind. Factors that will always help you buy the best luggage in the market and make your job of traveling much more easier.

* Quality Will Matter, Now and Always:

The very first thing that you would need to keep in mind at all times when getting a carry on luggage is the overall quality. Quality is something that cannot be compromised. Even if it means spending a few extra bucks. Just do it.

Speaking of spending, there are a lot of different types of cheap luggage brands out there. Especially from China that has fully flooded the market. We would always suggest you refrain away from buying those. Because they won’t be reliable in the long run. Rather than saving a few extra bucks get something from a well-reputed brand.

* Signs of Quality:

When we are speaking of quality in a luggage, there are certain factors that come into play and will need to be kept in mind about. The components of the luggage are immensely crucial. Starting from the outer shell to the inner compartment to the wheels. Each and everything matters. Just because your luggage has a hard shell does not guarantee its durability. It has to be well made as well.

The sleeves inside the compartments need to be smooth enough to keep all your possessions safe and secure. As you will be traveling with the luggage make sure that it has a good enough handle. Because handles are really crucial and a broken one won’t ever come of much help. The nicest thing about hand luggage is their portability, However, if your bag is not portable enough. Then it will simply be of no use.

Best Carry on Luggage with Laptop Compartment:

  • Simple Laptop Bags.
  • Solo Tech 16″ Rolling Overnighter Case TCC902.
  • LA PAIX Travel backpack Duffel bag Messenger Carry-on Luggage.

Simple Laptop Bags:

Now, we all admit that carry on luggage is an excellent apparel to carry when to travel comfortably. However, there are also some people who do not travel that far away but still need to carry their laptop at all times. For people like them a simple minimal laptop bag or shoulder bag as we call it can be ideal for the occasion.

We chose the Laptop Shoulder Briefcase Bag from Mosiso to be the perfect one for regular use. No matter what size your laptop is, it will fit in all of them. Because it comes in four different sizes. Ranging from 11.6-13 Inch to 13-13.3 Inch to 14-15 Inch and 15-15.6 Inch respectively.

The design of the bag is nothing too fancy. Rather it is very simple and minimal. However, the different range of colors does make it look a bit different and funky than the others. Inside the bag to keep your laptop safe and secure at all times it has a polyester foam padding.

In addition to a very nice and soft lining, it makes sure that your laptop does not suffer from any bumps or shocks. The shoulder strap that varies from 27 inches to maximum 48 inches allows you to use this as a sleeve or a bag whenever you feel like. The handles are also pretty sturdy and you can even tuck them away in the pockets when not needed.

Most bags like this do not tend to have good side pockets. However, that is definitely not the case with this one. The side pockets of the bag are quite big enough in size and you can easily store cables, pens, chargers, adapters and all that other small accessories.

The zippers on the side pockets are also pretty sturdy as well. Even though this isn’t a carry on luggage, we still wanted to talk to you about this. Because it is just that good and does and will surely make carrying your laptop much easier.

Check Price on Amazon:

Solo Tech 16″ Rolling Overnighter Case TCC902:

If you are looking for a carry on luggage that is a bit different and unique from all the others in the market then go for the Solo Tech 16″ Rolling Overnighter Case TCC902. Now, it might not look like a traditional luggage. But that does not matter.

Because that is exactly what makes it so good. The whole luggage is made from a very high-quality material. It is only 15″ high. Making it very easy to move around with. The body size of the bag is 14″ x 16.25″ x 8.

Once you open the main compartment on the luggage, you will realize that the size does not do full justice to the size inside. Because it packs way more than what it looks like. The laptop compartment is in the middle section and can store laptops up to 16″ sizes.

After testing it out, we found the Solo Tech 16″ Rolling Overnighter Case TCC902 to be very tech friendly. And this is because it also has a dedicated pocket for Ipads, tablets and even eReaders like Kindle. We really liked this feature because it isn’t really available in other bags at this price point.

However, it is not always necessary to carry and work in laptops. At times, we also tend to work on pen and paper and files. This is where the front zip-down organizer section will help you to keep everything at the place.

Overall, this is an excellent piece of carry on luggage. We really couldn’t find any faults around it. With a good built, a nice body and rigid handles and zippers. The Solo Tech 16″ Rolling Overnighter Case TCC902 is truly an excellent all-rounder.

Check Price on Amazon:
Solo New York Active Rolling Overnight Laptop Bag.  Business Travel Rolling Overnighter Case for Women and Men. Fits up to 16 inch laptop - Black
43 Reviews
Solo New York Active Rolling Overnight Laptop Bag. Business Travel Rolling Overnighter Case for Women and Men. Fits up to 16 inch laptop - Black
  • EVERYDAY COMMUTE AND BUSINESS TRAVEL DESIGN - Built-in padded laptop compartment with secure strap to protect up to 16 inch laptop. Durable easy-glide wheels for easy mobility and transport from one location to another
  • OVERNIGHT COMPARTMENT - Packable section that features buckle down compression straps to maximize space and hold clothes in place
  • ORGANIZED MOBILE OFFICE - Large spacious compartments accommodating and transporting must-have documents, notebooks, binders and bulky files. Easy-access front pocket to quickly access travel essentials
  • ROLL or CARRY HANDLE SYSTEM - Push button telescoping handle retracts into a zippered compartment when not in use. Top padded handle allows for comfortable carrying
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY - Fits into most airline overhead bin compartments and meets most US airline carry-on size requirements. This product is backed by Solo's Unstoppable 5-year Warranty

LA PAIX Travel Backpack Duffel Bag Messenger Carry-on Luggage:

Some of us travelers want to bring everything with us whenever we are on trips. Now, even though this isn’t something bad. It can be, if you do not have a good enough carry on luggage. This is where the LA PAIX Travel backpack Duffel bag Messenger Carry-on Luggage will come to your help. Because it has the ability to pack all in one.

The design of the bag is pretty similar to a normal backpack. But the story changes completely once you open it. It opens exactly like a luggage and has features that you couldn’t even dream about. It is a very smartly made bag. With designated pockets and compartments for every situation.

The shoe compartment is one of the many. Dirty shoes are always a mess. This is why you can easily store a pair of shoes here. In addition, not to mention the padded laptop and Ipad pockets. Inside the bag has more than enough space for you to keep your clothes and other accessories.

A number of different internal pockets in addition to straps ensure that your cards, glasses, and other valuable items are always in check. Charging on the go is immensely easy with this thanks to its external USB interface. You can easily and conveniently charge your phone, tablet and other devices without opening up the backpack.

Check Price on Amazon:
LA PAIX Travel backpack Duffel bag Messenger Carry-on Luggage Separate Shoes Latop comparment with USB charing port Water resistant Black
4 Reviews
LA PAIX Travel backpack Duffel bag Messenger Carry-on Luggage Separate Shoes Latop comparment with USB charing port Water resistant Black
  • Versatile Carry on Backpack designed for the Smart Traveler. Dedicated Compartments for your travel essentials and technology keep you organized and ready for any Journey and Business Trip
  • Separate Comparment:Ventilated shoe compartment (fits up to men's size 13 shoes) and Padded laptop and ipad pocket (fits up to 15.6” laptop)
  • 1680D nylon ,Waterproof,Hidden durable metal zipper design,Dimensions:Length: 21.5" (54 cm) x Width: 12” (34cm) x Depth: 8” (18cm);Volume:33 L;Weight:2kg;
  • Multiple internal pockets for accessories:Compartment in strap for your credit card and sunglasses,Back zipper pocket for your valuable items to avoid theft
  • External USB Interface: You can easily and conveniently charge your phone, tablet and other devices without opening up the backpack

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