Best Backpack Brands for High School

(Top!) Best Backpack Brands for High School

The Best Time of Your Life

High school will be one of the most memorable parts of your life, regardless of how you feel now. You’ll surely be heartbroken when you graduate and move on.

When it comes to high school, branding is just as important as function. It can be a tough world, and you want to make sure that you start the year off right. Here are some of the best backpack brands that you should consider.

1. Eastpak Padded Pakr

The Eastpack has been going strong in the backpack business since 1976. It offered a simple design for a backpack that made it a popular choice for students then and now. The Eastpack Padded Pakr has one large pocket that you can easily fit books, binders, and other large objects into.

Yet it also has one smaller pouch in the front of the backpack that can be used to carry pencils, a cell phone, and other smaller items. With its simple organization, your high schooler will have no excuse for missing homework.

This backpack brand also typically makes thick and padded shoulder straps. When it comes to carrying heavy textbooks, those shoulder pads can really make a difference. It also has a padded back panel which can help prevent the contents of the bag from digging into your child’s back.

2. Burton’s Big Kettle Backpack

With laptops being used in the classroom more and more, your child needs a backpack brand that crafts backpacks with electronics in mind. That’s what Burton’s Big Kettle Backpack provides. It has an interior sleeve that can house a laptop safely.

Yet the pocket is still large enough to easily house other items like folders and textbooks inside of it, too. It also comes with a few other pockets and pouches, so you can store other items like cords, pencils, a wallet, and other necessities.

When your high schooler starts driving, they’ll find the key clip on the backpack extremely useful. Never worry about your child losing their keys again!

3. AS Colour Field Backpack

Does your child have a difficult time with a lot of gimmicks? Then they can benefit from the AS Colour Field Backpack. It has a simple design that offers two places of storage. A large pocket contains a laptop sleeve for the safe transport of their laptop.

Yet it also has one additional pocket on the front that offers a generous size. Perhaps one of the best features of this backpack is its high-quality YKK zippers. They’re tough, durable, and you don’t have to worry about throwing the entire backpack out when one of the zippers break. They’re durable.

4. Herschel Dawson

Why bother with zippers at all when you can get a Herschel Dawson backpack? This model does away with zippers and instead uses drawstrings and magnetic buckle straps. Because zippers can sometimes be a problem for backpacks, this model is a great choice for parents who are tired of zippers breaking all of the time.

It also has a ton of storage. You have the main pocket that comes with a laptop sleeve. Yet it also features two huge pockets on the front that can be used to house anything from wallets to water bottles.

This backpack offers a quick retrieval system. Your child can easily reach into their bag to grab what they need and be back to paying attention to their teacher in no time.

5. Jansport Right Pack Backpack

One of the most popular backpack brands of all time is Jansport. The Jansport Right Pack Backpack offers a ton of different storage options for a student. It still has the main pouch for laptops and folders, but it also has numerous pockets for smaller items. The bag’s bottom is also reinforced.

Best Backpack Brands for High School

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