What We Should Not Eat Before Starting A Long Trip:

If you want to make a light and quiet trip, it is recommended that you avoid snacking. Certain foods can make our journey an annoying trip.

It seems simple, but the food can play tricks on you during a road trip or because it is very heavy, or too salty, or it feels bad or even makes you sleepy. If you are driving, you will spend energy, between 1,000 and 1,500 calories because the brain is alert and in attendance for many hours in a row, which means you need to eat.

Things not to eat before a long trip:

Fast food: It is a very useful and not very expensive option, but these meals are usually strong and copious, their digestion is usually slow and requires a lot of energy. Therefore, you will fall asleep. The fats and salt present in these foods usually cause stomach heaviness, bloating and gas.

Bag of chips: It is usually quite usual during a trip, however, they cause a lot of thirsts, you will have to drink, and that will quickly convert into several stops to go to the service. It is better to opt for a fruit, a salad, fresh pasta or cold cuts.

Tomatoes: It is an excellent food but the sauces that contain it, such as pizzas, are not a good idea because they cause heartburn and can ruin your trip.

Sweets: Beware of foods rich in sugars. The pastries, soft drinks or sweets can cause fatigue, because they cause insulin spikes that will leave you exhausted.

Smoothies: They are good because they are very satiating, but they contain too much milk and can produce acidity and discomfort in the stomach. They may force you to make more than one non-scheduled stop on your trip.

Soft drinks and carbonated water: The drinks with gas will cause you swelling because you will remain many hours in the same position. They can cause nausea and abdominal pain.

Coffee: We should not take more than two cups of coffee during a day to comply with the indications of the DGT that set at 300 milligrams (three cups) the recommended amount of daily coffee. One thing we can suggest you that if you use best garbage disposal in your home then try to avoid putting coffee grounds and grease in it. It may cause blockages or clogged pipes.

Here is a list of the foods you can take:

Breakfast complex carbohydrates, such as bread that will be assimilated progressively, so that we will not feel hungry very soon. A piece of fruit could be a good option for snacks, and at lunchtime, you could eat vegetables or light dishes such as salads.

Fish is also a recommended food because it is easy to digest and its content is relatively low in calories. To drink, water, some juice or soft drinks without gas.

And do not forget that on a road trip we almost always eat too much out of boredom so think of entertainment (other than food) for the trip. For example, a good playlist, varied and long enough to be your company during the whole trip.