Tips for Traveling With Your Dog:

Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

If you want to take your dog along with your family for vacation or road trip, there are things that would come to your mind.  The safety of the dog is one of the things that you would think of before embarking on that trip.  Traveling is an amazing experience and a dog can also have fun with you if all things work according to plan. Road trips bring you closer to your pet and give you the opportunity to see some of the things you may miss if you are taking a flight.

Why should you take your dog for a trip? The expense and trauma of leaving you behind in a boarding may be avoided if you move with your pet.  Traveling is not easy for pets which are why have made it easy for you with these tips.

Things To Do Before You Travel With Your Pet:

  • It is important that your dog is exercised before taking it for a journey. When your pet is exercise, it helps it burn off energy and make it calm. A restless pet may not be your best companion during a trip.
  • The crate should be safe for your pet. To prevent strangling or chocking. Loose collars and leashes should be avoided in a crate.
  • The crate is not a prison! Make the movement fun and relaxed for your pet by making the inside comfortable. Soothe the dog with a positive vibe to ensure that it is at ease to stay in the crate.
  • Come back often to check the pet in the crate. This would reduce the anxiety experienced during separation. The rule is to make the crate comfortable for the pet.

Tips for Traveling With Your Pet.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to make the road trip exciting with less or no negative energy. When you are relaxed, your dog will be calmed. You can come along with your pet’s beddings from home to give it a homely feeling.
  • For dogs that are not used to crates, make sure that they are trained before using it on them during your trip. On no account should a pet be roaming around while the vehicle is on motion.
  • The trip should be made easy for the dog by bringing along its toys. A chew toy would be able to keep your pet busy for hours.  The chewing activity may take the whole of the journey without you worrying about the dog.

Talking a Pet on a Flight:

There are things you may not be able to handle if you are traveling with your dog on a flight. Before you think of booking a ticket, you should check if the airline has provision for dog travel. Some airlines don’t allow pets onboard while some require that you present a health certificate.

A crate is what your dog will travel with if you are flying.  The flight would be better if your dog is accustomed to using a crate.

Whether you are traveling by land or air, you should ensure that your dog doesn’t show up with a full bladder or stomach. It is recommended that your pet should fast for about six hours before you can pick it for a trip. This is one smart way to keep the pet comfortable without discomfort.  However, this doesn’t mean that water should not be provided. The pet should have access to water to keep it hydrated but not in excess.

Medication and Pet Travel:

We would advise you not to medicate your pet. They should not be sedated. If you should start with medicating your dog, it would become a cycle that may end up hurting your dog. The greatest pills you can give you dog is a calm voice in addressing it, good body language and attitude.

Bring Folding Dog Steps for Car:

Do you have dogs with arthritis or any joint or hip problems, or elderly that need help? There are folding dog steps for car you can make use of while traveling. These dog steps give your pet access to move to sofas, beds or couches.  It protects the joints and legs of a dog from potential harm or damage that is causing when they jump off furniture. These folding steps for cars have become one of the simplest ways, dogs can climb in and out of a car without injury especially those with hip problems.