How to Travel Long Distance With a Dog

How to Travel Long Distance With a Dog


No matter how exciting a dog may be while traveling with it, this excitement will come to an end if it is a long journey.  Preparations are to be made to give your pet comfort during a long distance trip.  These are the things you should do before embarking on a long distance with your pet.

A Visit to the Veterinary Clinic:

Your vet would be in the best position to decide if the dog is in a good position to travel. If it is given a pass mark, the vet will help your pet in the mood to travel with you.

Book A Friendly Room:

Before you travel, you should book your room that would be accommodating for a dog. There are hotels that don’t allow pets and there are hotels that allow pets. In the latter, you should get a room that is pet-friendly.

Split The Distance:

If your pet is going to be affected by the long distance, you should split the distance. Of course, there is hardly a pet that may not be affected by a long distance trip. The days can be split to make it fun for the dog.  There are some breeds that are not allowed in some hotels. This is why you should make your decision fast.

Travel With Meals and Snacks:

The way you are hungry is the way pet would be hungry during a trip. Snacks and meals should be prepared for your pet.


A dog should be trained and made to realize that a rewarding machine is a car. Dogs that are yet to use a car for a distance often have problems with traveling. One of the things you can get your dog to do is to learn how to stay calm during trips.  You can start training your dog before the actual distance. All you need to do is to teach the dog everything.

Short Trips Fast:

If you got the time, your dog should have regular short journeys before you think of a long distance. This short distance would help the dog acclimatized to the car it would travel with.


You should get meals away from your pet while you want to leave. It is known that dogs vomit during car movement.  You should be able to avert this by keeping meals away before you travel with it. Note that the pet may get sick during your trip. You should get a plastic wrap to prevent the pet fro vomiting everywhere.

Secure Your Pet’s Crate:

The crates can be used in transporting a dog. However, the crate should be secure or tighten strongly to avert accidents. You can do this with the help of car belt.

There should be Rest Stops:

You should remember to stop in intervals of between two to three hours. This would strengthen your pet and give it the energy to move around when it arrives its home or yet to arrive.

Bring interactive dog toys:

One of the best ways to keep your dog and journey better is brought along your interactive dog toys. They understand that the car is on motion. However, to make them relaxed, their toys should be provided.  A dog can chew for a long time without stopping if it gives an interactive toy. There are many places you can get these toys. To get the best, you should search the internet for dogs interactive toys.

Bring Washable Dog Beds:

A dog bed should be washable. If your dog has a bed that is not washable, it may be difficult keeping the dog safe from harm and trouble if the beds are dirty. Often times, we want to wash our dogs’ belongings to disperse smell. Traveling with smelling beds can be something you may not wish for your enemies. With a washable dog beds during your trip, it is fun to wash and keep it for your dog.

To travel a long distance with your dog, you should be able to put the tips we have to give you to work. Don’t forget that music can calm your dog while traveling. There is music for dogs if you can lay your hands on them. However, if you cannot find this dog music, you can play your slow music. This is another way of putting your dog to sleep without stress.