Going out Camping? BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST!

To put simply camping is fun. Most people like to go out for camping for 3 days to a week. Be it camping with friends or camping out with family. It can always be a treat to yourself and have loads of fun while at it, connecting with nature. If you have a couple of days off from your work, then you can go camping and enjoy without breaking your wallet. If you are someone who loves to travel, then camping will not let you down. Today we will be talking about some of the tips that you should be aware of before going out for camping!


Selecting your camping site:

It is absolutely a necessity you know where you are going to camp. You should be aware of the site you are camping because of many reasons. And the number one reason is that of safety. Safety from both wild animals and safety from theft. If you are unknowingly going to a camping site which is known to host bears then you should be prepared for it. And some camping sites are just not safe as others. There are also many other things that you should keep in mind whilst selecting camping ground and they are but not limited to:

  • Some camping sites may have loud neighbors or might be overbooked which can lead to very unpleasant camping experience.
  • Some camping sites might not be safe.
  • Some camping sites may be far away from parking and might require one to walk for a long time before reaching there.
  • Ensure that you are not putting tend near to a tree which has a chance of falling on you.
  • Make sure the site you are going to is reserved for you so you don’t enter there without permission.
  • Know from which direction the sun will rise and from which it will set. So that you can set your tent in a way that morning sunlight doesn’t wake you up inside your tent too early.


The Tent:

Camping without a tent is like cycling without wheels. Speaking of cycling, you can also cycle during your camping trip! So you must know which tent you should pick up when you are going out for camping. Especially, if you are going with a large group then your tent need may be different, read more about tents at Theodgeeks. The prices of tents also tend to vary a lot. Depending on your needs you can pick one up. If you are camping with your family then you can buy a very big tent that will host your whole family for the night.

Another option for tents would be to rent them. This is the cheapest option available. You might not be a frequent camper. You can rent one from stores or even rent it for free from family or friends.


The Solo Trip:

If you have decided, nah too much of being around people, and want to go on a camping trip alone then you should consider some things. Make sure you have a satellite phone with you and always have a map with you of the location of the area. Additionally, camping alone means you won’t be needing space inside your tent. Also you would be carrying your belongings a lot. So it is better to find and get the best backpacking tent as they tend to be smaller and can be carried easily.



These were some of the tips that you should be following before going out for camping. If you liked this post by Snockeys, then be sure to share it with your friends and family on social media. Until next time!