Best Tactical Backpack Under $100 – Top 2!

Best Tactical Backpack Under 100

We have written articles on tactical backpacks and normal backpacks before in general. However, the thing that we are going to talk about today is a much broader topic. And that being the about the best tactical backpack under 100. Tactical backpacks themselves are a pretty wide range to deal with. There are so many different tactical backpacks out there. And when it comes down to the budget of a $100. Then the choice increases even more. As you will be able to choose from many different tactical backpacks out there. So let’s take a look at see which one is the best tactical backpack under 100.


Best Tactical Backpack Under 100:

  • Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack.
  • RUSH12 Backpack.


1. Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack:

Explorer Tactical Bag

Before we go on talking about this. One thing that you would very much want to know and keep in mind about tactical backpacks is that they are not made or designed like normal regular backpacks. Hence, don’t expect them to be like anything that you have seen before. But then again, if you are well familiar with tactical backpacks, then you would surely know the difference. Nonetheless, we will start this article by talking about the Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack. While most tactical backpack manufacturers are shying away from classic and old school backpack tactical designs and making stuff that is more favorable to the masses. Explorer takes a completely different approach and sticks to what tactical backpacks are so commonly known for. And that being rigidity, ruggedness and of course a lot of compartments.

Starting off, this is a 20-inch tactical backpack. Most tactical backpacks under $100 are very tough to carry. Mainly because they are not made in a smart way. Nonetheless, the Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack not being a cheap bag is an absolute delight to carry. Thanks to the something called the MOLLE system, it will allow you to also wear the bag as a part of your gear, instead of carrying it. This in addition to the multiple different straps helps to make sure that the weight of the bag is well distributed and also that the backpack stays strong to your body.

One thing that this backpack surely isn’t short of is pockets. In addition to six different zippered pockets. There is also a gun compartment. A gun compartment is a must have in a tactical backpack. There are two zippered pockets on the front and four on the side. There is also a laptop compartment as well. Something that you don’t often see in most tactical backpacks. No matter where you travel, you will surely be carrying your phone with you. There is a designated pocket for your mobile phone as well. It still doesn’t end there. There are four extra military styled pockets on the front as well with buckles on them. There is an extra gun compartment in the waist area as well. So that you are able to get easy access when required. When it comes to the size and space of this backpack. We can surely see that Explorer surely hasn’t compromised anything here. And that is very much what you would want from a tactical backpack.

Pocket space and compartment size is not the only thing this backpack is good at. It is also very well made as well. Made from a high-grade 600D X 600D polyester material. You can stay ensured its durability and rigidness. The overall backpack is very sturdy and each and every stitching on it has been done with the utmost care. If you are willing to spend your hard earned money on this. We can ensure you that it will surely be worth it. If you are tired of using the same old camo print tactical backpacks and want to get something that looks a bit different. Then you can surely check out the other colors of the Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack. The six different color variants will allow you to chose the one that suits you the best.

To Conclude:

All in all, this is surely one of the best tactical backpacks at this price range. Being a tactical backpack, this is very versatile. Meaning that you can use it while hiking, camping or hunting as well. Thanks to the many different compartments, space is not at all an issue. No matter how much you are carrying inside. The weight is very well distributed and makes the backpack very easy to carry. Last but not the least is the hydration pack. This backpack has a hydration pack that is very easy to access. So you stay hydrated at all times. You do not have to worry about the water spilling off, because there is a waterproof lining inside. So you won’t really have to worry much about leakage.


  • Loads of space and many different pockets.
  • The straps help in weight distribution.
  • Sturdy, rugged and very well made.
  • Versatile.
  • Has a hydration pack in addition to a waterproof lining.
  • Affordable.


  • The huge size makes it a bit tough to move around with.



2. RUSH12 Backpack:

RUSH12 Backpack

The huge size and too many pockets and straps of tactical backpacks can surely be something very unpleasant and disturbing of them. If you are looking for something of more like a normal backpack with the addition of a few features of a tactical backpack then look no further. Because the RUSH12 Backpack will be an ideal option for you. By the looks of it, you can very much assume this to be a normal daily backpack. And the features that this has makes it exactly that. In addition, to all the other tactical stuff. You can easily carry this backpack to your college or high school. Thanks to its basic design and pocket sizes. It has a laptop compartment, USB port, and a phone pocket as well. The footprint of the backpack might be very small and all. But there is loads of space inside it. And this is thanks to the different pockets and dividers inside. To make the job of organizing everything much easier for you, there is a retention pack on the back where you can keep your essential papers, documents, and files. However, there are other different pockets as well. And as there is also a hydration pack, you can always stay hydrated on the go.

Thanks to it’s smartly built design, the comfort, and stability that this backpack provides is very good. The shoulder straps play a crucial role as well. The straps are very well padded and will help you to get a very comfortable and tight fit. There are also straps on the chest and shoulder area in order to give you good stability in your outdoor shenanigans. Overall, this backpack has very good padding. No matter how heavy you carry or how long you carry it for.


The Build Quality:

Coming to the build, do not think that as this is not made in a classic tactical backpack look, that this won’t be durable. Because that surely isn’t the case. Rather, the Rush 12 backpack is very well made. The water-resistant 1050D nylon is very sturdy and rigid. No matter how harsh the conditions might be. This backpack will stay safe and dry at all times. The 21.2 liters capacity and a weight of around 1,250 grams really make this backpack the ideal size for a nice tactical backpack, as well as for daily use. Be it outdoor activities, commuting, classes, or even business trips. This backpack can handle it all with sheer ease. With very good reviews and ratings, it goes without saying that this backpack will surely serve you well and you won’t go wrong with it. So give it a look.


  • Waterproof.
  • Durable.
  • Versatile.
  • Well made.
  • Compact size.
  • Very spacious.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Loads of storage options.


  • The shoulder straps tend to slip at times.