Best Soft Luggage For Motorcycles – Top 3!

Best Soft Luggage For Motorcycles

The Joy Of Riding:

Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle before will say that it feels very fun and exciting. Four wheels may move your body but it’s the two wheels that move your soul. Now, yes a car may move your body, keep you cool and take you places comfortably and all. But the raw feeling of the wind hitting your face every time you twist the throttle and shift gears on a bike is something that is incomparable. This is why to live on the edge and always indulge in this feeling, a lot of people prefer commuting and also traveling by motorcycles. Bike riding is something very exciting.

Traveling And Riding A Motorcycle:

Non-motorcyclists might not be very familiar with this concept. But a lot of people on average travel and go on long and short trips on their motorcycles. And as you can expect, the questions and myths regarding all this are in plenty. However, one major question and this also counts as a drawback is an issue of carrying luggage. Yes, now since you have a two-wheeler, space on the vehicle is limited. And by limited I mean close to none. The max you can carry is a backpack on your back and another extra bag that will be attached to the motorcycle. So you can already guess that if you are looking to make trips with your motorcycle, you will need to be very smart about the decisions you make. So that you can be flexible while traveling.

So What Do I Do And What Bag Do I Get?

As you can already see from the article, we will be talking to you about the best soft luggage for motorcycles. And this will really solve all your luggage problems if you are a motorcyclist. It is immensely important to address the word “soft luggage”. Because you cannot really carry a hard side spinner luggage or duffel bag while riding a motorbike. And it’s not only because there isn’t much space. But rather, it would add weight to the bike and make it immensely hard for you to ride it. So what is soft luggage? Well, to put into simple words, soft luggage for motorcycles is a special type of bag made specifically for motorcycles. They come in many different sizes and features and we personally believe every motorcyclist should have one. Irrespective of the fact whether they travel riding or not. Having a soft luggage for motorcycles always comes in handy.

Now, before we go into it, it is very important to know that you won’t be getting many options here. As not many bags, luggage or suitcase manufacturers have caught up with making sets of luggage for motorcycles. Hence, your option is limited. Nonetheless, we have tried our best and have gathered a few of them out here. We will also be talking about them and how they might help you. So without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.

Mardingtop Tactical Backpack

However, before we go any further talking about soft luggage for motorcycles. We mentioned before that you can always carry a backpack with you while you are riding right? Well, in the midst of so many different types of backpacks out there finding the right one for a motorcyclist becomes a tough job. That is why we have picked out the Mardingtop Tactical Backpack. It will be the ideal choice for any type of motorcyclist out there. With a decent enough size, good build quality and a water resistant outer, It goes without saying that it will serve you well on all those rainy rides. This is very different in comparison to most traditional backpacks. And that is because it has a different hydration compartment. It can hold around 2.5 liters. This will really help to keep you hydrated during the long sunny rides. In addition, it also has a laptop compartment that can store a 17-inch laptop. As you will be carrying this while riding a bike, it is crucial that the backpack sits tightly to your waist. And thanks to the waist belt attached here on the bag, it will feel pretty snug and comfy. The straps also have a lot of padding. Inside there is more than enough space as well as multiple small pockets to store your valuables.


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Best Soft Luggage For Motorcycles:

  • Nelson-Rigg CB-02-MD Medium Compression Bag.
  • Stansport Saddle Bag.
  • DuffelSak Waterproof Duffel Bag.


1. Nelson-Rigg CB-02-MD Medium Compression Bag:

Nelson-Rigg CB-01-SM Compression Bag

The good thing about motorcycle soft luggage is that they are not very expensive. This is something really good when you compare it to normal suitcases or luggage. And the Nelson-Rigg CB-02-MD Medium Compression Bag is one of those super cheap soft bags, However, do not judge it by its price. Because it still is a very high-quality bag overall. As we mentioned before, you would always want to carry a bag that is lightweight while riding. And the Nelson-Rigg CB-02-MD Medium Compression Bag is exactly that. Despite being so lightweight, it can hold a lot of stuff inside. In addition to good space, there are also separate compartments for you to store clean and dirty clothes. Tha bag is made from a lightweight Tri-Max polyester material which is also water resistant. So you don’t have to worry about rain and water ruining your valuables. The Nelson-Rigg CB-02-MD Medium Compression Bag truly is an excellent choice. And will surely serve you well. It comes in three different sizes. Small, medium and large. We would suggest you go for the medium sized one as it will be the ideal option. However, if you ride a larger bike then getting the large variant won’t be a problem as well.


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2. Stansport Saddle Bag:

Stansport Saddle Bag

The thing with most soft bags for motorcycles is that they tend to look very generic. That means they all look pretty much the same. Nonetheless, if you are looking for something that is a bit different and unique then we got you covered as well. Something like the Stansport Saddle Bag will be the right option for you. Made from a heavy duty canvas material, you can surely stay ensured about the durability. In addition, the heavy duty duck cotton with the help of reinforced vinyl on top not only looks good. But also helps to keep the bag in place. The Stansport Saddle Bag has two large pockets on both sides with double flap covers. This is there to make sure everything is well secured and always in place. Even though it isn’t the largest of soft bags out there, this has more to it than that. It will surely help you on your trips and you will also like it a lot.


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3. DuffelSak Waterproof Duffel Bag:

DuffelSak Waterproof Duffel Bag

Now, if the Stansport Saddle Bag is not your thing and you want something a bit larger then go for the DuffelSak Waterproof Duffel Bag. As you won’t be able to carry duffel bags while riding, Sak Gear has the perfect solution for you. With the design of a traditional duffel bag, it can still be considered to be a soft luggage. The first and foremost thing that we like about this so much is its ability to keep everything dry. Most duffel bags cannot do this. Nonetheless, the zippers and the way the overall bag is designed will make sure that everything inside the bag is dry, As you will be spending around $50 to $60 on this, it is very important that what you get lasts you a long time. And the DuffelSak Waterproof Duffel Bag will stay strong with you. No matter how roughly you use it or how many rides you give. And this is all because of its 500D PVC outer seams. Storage will never be an issue because it has plenty inside. You can almost fit anything that you will need while traveling inside it. In addition to laptops, tablets and your mobile phone.


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