Best Polycarbonate Luggage Reviews:

Best Polycarbonate Luggage Reviews

Luggage is something very crucial, and it is something that every individual should own. Especially a polycarbonate luggage is great and would help you on your journeys and vacations. However, there are a lot of different luggage out there and trying to find the best one can turn out to be a bit of a hassle. This is why we have decided to write the best polycarbonate luggage reviews. In this article, we will be going through some of the best luggage out there and why they are so good. Going through this article will also give you clear idea why having a polycarbonate luggage is so important.


Factors To Consider:

There is no doubt that since you will be spending your money on new luggage it is very vital that you know some key factors to keep in mind before you make your purchase.


1. Wheels:

When it comes to choosing a luggage four wheels are usually preferred in comparison to two wheelers. But they both have their advantages and problems. The reason why four wheels luggage are so convenient is that they allow greater flexibility and movement. As they can be moved 360 degrees, they are very easy to carry and travel with. You can also walk around with them on every surface. Rough or smooth. However, the problem with four-wheel luggage bags is that they tend to be quite heavy. And they also cause problems such as getting stuck when moving around.

Whereas, on the other hand, luggage bags that have two wheels are very lightweight and can be pulled around an angle quite easily. However, two wheelers are not very flexible, and they also don’t have much space inside either.

2.Capacity And Size:

One of the most important factors that will determine the best polycarbonate luggage you buy is the obviously the size and weight of the bag. Since nowadays, all airlines have strict weight regulations on baggage, it is indeed very important that your luggage is in favor. And on top of that, it will also determine how much you will be able to pack as well.


Polycarbonate Is The Real Deal:

Most people who often travel always prefer polycarbonate luggage over everything else. And there are quite a few good reasons for that. First of all, is the weight. Polycarbonate bags are very lightweight and this will help you a great deal when you are traveling. Because it will not only be easy to carry but also allow you to pack more. But don’t think that because they are made from light materials, they won’t be durable. This is wrong.

Even though polycarbonate luggage bags are very light, they are also very sturdy and rigid. So you won’t have any problem with durability whatsoever. These bags are also very flexible and convenient to use. Fortunately, a lot of companies now are making some great polycarbonate luggage bags. Let’s take a look at some of the best polycarbonate luggage and review them.


Best polycarbonate luggage reviews:

  • Samsonite Winfield2 Fashion 28- Inch Luggage.
  • Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley.
  • American Tourister Duralite 360 Spinner 24 Inch Expandable.


1. Samsonite Winfield2 Fashion 28- Inch Luggage:

Samsonite Winfield2 Fashion 28- Inch Luggage

Samsonite is probably one of the best luggage and bag manufacturers in the world. All of their products are great, and this one is a bit special. A great bag nonetheless.

Coming to the build, this is made from a very hard polycarbonate material. But despite being so light, it is very strong. In case, for maximum security, it has TSA lock. You can lock it using a combination of three digits.

Inside of the bag, there is ample amount of space to put your things in. The interior includes some straps with several pockets which will help you organize your luggage. And since it has four wheels and a pretty high handlebar you can go and move around it very nicely as well. Coming to the durability of this luggage you won’t be disappointed. As we have mentioned before this luggage despite being so light is insanely durable. And if you are looking to buy anything from Samsonite, then you shouldn’t worry about the longevity at all. They all are indeed very durable.


With an affordable price tag and high-quality components, there is no doubt that this is a great bag. However, since the shell of the luggage is a bit shiny, it does tend to get scratches very easily. But other than that, there aren’t any major issues. Overall this is one of the best polycarbonate luggage out there.


2. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley (29″):

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley

Polycarbonate luggage bags are extremely easy and convenient to use. There are also some other benefits as well. And this suitcase clearly explains all of them. Even though this case looks simple, it can perform more than you can expect it to. And design wise it is very good looking as well. Simple and minimal.

Like every other suitcase on the market, this features a zipper closure. But the unique thing about these zippers is that they are very high quality and rigid as well. Giving a very nice look at the bag. It also features a three digit lock. It has four wheels and allows 360-degree movement.

The interior of the bag is also very nice and roomy. It is also lined very well making it easy for you to organize everything. One common complaint about polycarbonate cases is that they aren’t tough enough. Well, this surely isn’t. The material, in this case, is very tough and hard. It is also very durable and lightweight as well. So that you are easily able to move around with it.

However, the problem with most bags from Delsey is that they tend to provide a bit too much security. And that is because the locks that come in their cases sometimes tend to get very difficult to open.

Nonetheless, with a simple, minimal and premium built this luggage is very hard to ignore. It is one of the best luggage options out there, and you shouldn’t hesitate at all about purchasing it. If you like it overall, then just go for it.


3. American Tourister Duralite 360 Spinner 24 Inch Expandable:

American Tourister Duralite 360 Spinner 24 Inch Expandable

Just like Samsonite, American Tourister is also a very well known and famous brand. As a matter of fact, they are a competitor. While they are busy competing. We end up getting the best luggage bags and cases as a result. And this particular case is a sheer example of that.

If you are looking for luggage for going on short trips, then this will be the perfect choice for you. This is also probably the most good looking luggage case you will find online. This has all the necessary things that you will need in a luggage case.

Starting off, it has a super hard shell which shouldn’t raise questions about durability. But the upper shell is just one of many great things that this is capable of doing. One very surprising thing it can do is expand itself. This expansion of space means that you will be able to carry more when you need to. And if you don’t want to carry all that much then you can just close it down to its normal state. The inside of the luggage there is a pocket with straps. There are also several interior pockets to organize your knickknacks. There are four wheels on the bottom that allow you super easy movement.


Overall, this is a very stylish bag, and it is sure to attract a few eyes at the airport. And there aren’t many complaints to say about either. We hope you liked our best polycarbonate luggage reviews and you should take a look at them if you liked any.