Best Luggage Tags For International Travel:

Best Luggage Tags For International Travel

International Airports And Fragile Luggage Tags:

Almost all of us have traveled internationally some time in our lives. Be it once or more than enough. If you did travel to international destinations and visited numerous different airports, you will very well know that nowadays airports are more than just a place to wait for your plane. It has become something much more than that. With state of the art technology, architecture, security, and other facilities. Airports have developed immensely over time. However, no matter how good airports might be, there are still some things that haven’t changed at all over the years. Amongst which are luggage tags. Now, when you are traveling you tend to have a lot of things in mind and need to take care of a lot of stuff as well. Like packing everything, getting the tickets, visa procedures and what not. Nonetheless, in the midst of all these, we tend to forget the security and safety of our suitcases and luggage. While you are traveling internationally, it is very crucial that you attach a high-quality luggage tag. Luggage tags come of great help in finding your luggage and making things much easier while traveling in case something gets lost. And the ones provided in the airport don’t ever come of much help.

The Different Types Of Luggage Tags:

Luggage tags despite being a very small and fairly insignificant product have quite a few types. Giving you a pretty wide variety to chose from. But also making the job of finding the right one for you. Nonetheless, that is why we are here for you. After reading this article, you will be able to identify the best luggage tag for you amongst many of them. So what are the different types of luggage tags available out there? Well. let’s have a look.

The Classic Leather:

SwissElite Genuine Leather Luggage Tags & Bag Tags 2 pieces Set in 5 Color

The leather is and has always been a piece of class and elegance. For both men and women. Be it leather bags, watches, shoes and not. Leather signifies a touch of elegance at all times. And wouldn’t it be nice if you had a luggage tag made out of leather? A leather luggage tag will be very durable as well as look good on your bags and suitcases. And it is not just the looks. But a leather tag will also be able to stay secured to your bag at all times. No matter what.

Something like the SwissElite Genuine Leather Luggage Tags is something that you would want to look into if you are looking for good quality leather tags. They come in a pack of two and are made from high-quality genuine leather. Despite being very soft, it is immensely durable. The strap is also made from genuine leather and is very hard and rigid. In addition, the steel buckle adds a pretty nice touch to it overall. You can easily extend the length of the strap in case you are carrying a pretty large bag.

Coming to the slots, you can put two different cards on the front and the back. So you can basically put two addresses. As well as the personal information of the luggage owner. With a durable, hard and rigid build, you can be more than ensured regarding its durability.


The Sturdy Metal:

Privacy Luggage Tag Stainless Steel Metal ID Bag Tag With

They say that when you are in doubt. What you can do is get what you are willing to get in a metal variant. The same goes for luggage tags as well. Luggage tags made out of steel are immensely durable. They will be able to handle everything that you throw at them. Be it water, heat or whatever. A very nice thing about metal tags is that you can even personalize and engrave your details on them. This makes it even more secure while traveling. As there aren’t any cards attached. No one can really put them out. In addition, you can also use steel straps on them as well. Enhancing security even more,

If you are looking for a high-quality metal luggage tag then we would suggest you go with the Privacy Luggage Tag Stainless Steel Metal ID Bag Tag. While most metal tags in the market use cheap quality aluminum to make tags. This product is the exception. It isn’t flimsy and is very durable. This is also very easy to personalize as well. You can add your custom details using the either of the two supplied inserts (one in red and one in white). Also includes two options to attach the luggage tag to your bag, one black leather, and one sturdy steel metal loop. PDF template included creating as many custom inserts as you need. All in all, this is something really nice to carry with you while traveling. And it will also fit into all the different types of suitcases. No matter what brand they might be.



Rubber Tags:

Shacke Luggage Tags with Full Back Privacy Cover

If you think leather and rubber is just fancy stuff and want something that is a bit simpler and less eye-catching. Then your best option will be to go for silicon or rubber luggage tags. Something like the Shacke Luggage Tags with Full Back Privacy Cover in particular. It is a very simple and basic pair of tags. They measure around 4. 5 x 2.5 and has two tags in one set. Despite being made from rubber, they are of very high quality. Inside it has an identification card that helps to hide your personal information. You don’t have to worry about breaking it because it is fully bendable. It is very flexible and won’t tear anytime soon. This is the most basic yet useful luggage tag you could get.




No matter where you travel. Be it India or Europe. Luggage thieves are everywhere at every airport. And at times even the security officials also tend to get involved in these petty crimes. This is why the safety of your luggage and suitcases is crucial at all times. And luggage tags play a very important role here. Using a luggage tag with your name and details on it will not only make it easier for you to identify it. But it will also be helpful in case you lost it anytime while traveling.