Best Luggage Locks For International Travel:

Best Luggage Locks For International Travel

Not The Usual Suspects:

They say the moment you land in an Indian airport you will instantly know where you are even if your eyes are closed. This is because you will surely find some personal property of yours stolen. Be it your luggage, phone or whatever. However, the scenario has changed drastically. Nowadays, no airport anywhere in the world whatsoever is safe from luggage thieves. Needless to say that they always keep sneaking all over the airport to look for an opportunity. Even airport officials and TSA workers are often accused of snatching and sneaking luggage of travelers. Well, if you are someone who travels internationally often then it is very crucial that you get one of the best luggage locks for international travel.

Are Luggage Locks The Ultimate Answer?

Many of you out there might question that what good will a simple little lock do. Well, to some extent you are right. Luggage locks, no matter how good they may be. They aren’t unbreakable. And to let you know beforehand, airport thieves have quite the skills to do that as well. However, it is always better in being safe than sorry. Even if a thief does have their eyes on your luggage. It is pretty obvious that they won’t waste their time in trying to break through it. So a good luggage lock will act as an insurance nonetheless. This is why we would always suggest you keep your priced and precious possessions always in your hand luggage while traveling.

Luggage Locks And TSA Hassles:

If you have ever traveled to North America or Canada and had a lock on your luggage then you will very well know how much trouble TSA can give you. Well, if you aren’t familiar with that. Then we would like to let you know that TSA opens luggage for further inspection. If your luggage lock is TSA certified then they use a master key to open the lock and it doesn’t break your lock. However, if you are using a lock that isn’t up to TSA standards then the authority just breaks it. This is what makes it even more crucial to get a TSA approved luggage lock for international travel. So let’s get down and look at a few locks.


Best Luggage Locks For International Travel:

  • UltraTuff TSA Approved Lock.
  • Smooth Trip ClikCard.
  • TSA Travel Luggage Strap with 3 Dial Approved Lock.
  • Lewis N. Clark TSA-Approved Triple Security Lockdown Lock With Two Steel Cables.


1.UltraTuff TSA Approved Lock:

UltraTuff TSA Approved Lock

Alpine Rivers is a very well known Swiss brand famous and reputed for making sturdy and good quality luggage locks that stand strong no matter what. Among their many collections, the UltraTuff TSA Approved Lock is one of our favorites. Luggage locks that are very strong and sturdy tend to be very heavy. However, that is absolutely not the case with the UltraTuff TSA Approved Lock. Rather it is considerably lightweight.

The lock is made from a high grade and very durable zinc alloy. This not only gives the overall lock a durable build but also makes it look a notch premium. Security isn’t really an issue with this because it has a very nice feature called as the RED OPEN ALERT TSA INDICATION. There is an indicator on the lock. And it will pop up if your bag has been inspected, allowing you to re-check your luggage while still at the airport.

One of the many things that make us like the UltraTuff TSA Approved Lock is because how versatile it is. Despite being a hefty luggage lock, you can really use it anywhere you like. Be it suitcases, travel bags, gym bags, lockers or even laptop bags. It can do them all. As we mentioned before, the craftsmanship and skill that went behind this are just impeccable. A good build, a better locking mechanism and most importantly a TSA approval really makes it the ideal match. In addition, the 3 dial combination lock is super easy to use as well and can be set according to your own choosing.

Overall, the UltraTuff TSA Approved Lock from Alpine is truly an excellent one and you really can’t go wrong with it.

2.Smooth Trip ClikCard:

Smooth Trip ClikCard TSA Approved and Accepted Luggage Locks

If big locks aren’t your thing and you want something a bit more different and modern then click cards would be the way to go. And the Smooth Trip ClikCard would be the right solution. However, do not freak out. because it is still a traditional lock. It just works in a different way. Instead of using the old school method of using a key what it does is uses key cards to open.

The card is very small and will just fit into your pocket. Even though this modern solution may seem more of a hassle, it actually isn’t. It is rather very easy to use. As it saves you all the irritating inconvenience of dialing and remembering lock combinations. All you need to do is just slip in the card and you are good to go. And that’s all. There really isn’t much to say about this lock other than it is something very reliable and trustworthy.

3.TSA Travel Luggage Strap with 3 Dial Approved Lock:

TSA Travel Luggage Strap with 3 Dial Approved Lock

Luggage straps are an old but still very effective procedure of keeping your luggage safe and secure. Even though they might not be the most low key of arrangements, they surely are one of the safest. In addition, luggage straps are also very versatile. This refers to as they not only secure your luggage but you can also put all your luggage together under one belt. However, for that, you will need something that is a bit strong. Something like the TSA Travel Luggage Strap with 3 Dial Approved Lock from LC-dolida.

This particular strap comes with a three digit combination lock placed right on the strap. Making it very easy to setup and open. A common problem with luggage straps is that their belts or straps are often not durable enough to stretch through so much of luggage. However, with this TSA Travel Luggage Strap with 3 Dial Approved Lock from LC-dolida you won’t need to worry about that. Because the strap will fit easily on 18 to 32-inch bags. And as it is made from a durable nylon webbing, you really won’t need to worry about it getting ripped apart. Overall, you really can’t go wrong with this.

4. Lewis N. Clark TSA-Approved Triple Security Lockdown Lock With Two Steel Cables:

Lewis N. Clark TSA-Approved Triple Security Lockdown Lock With Two Steel Cables

The Lewis N. Clark TSA-Approved Triple Security Lockdown lock is one of the most simple and minimal of locks out there. It is so simple that it only has two cables. However, do not let that fool you. It is still quite a heavy duty one. One of the cables is long enough to reach your luggage handle. And the other acts as a railing to your luggage. There is also a shorter cable attached. This is to thread your zippers. Despite being so slim and all, it still manages to have an added security combination lock. Which is always an excellent bonus.

Often at times, we tend to forget our keys and combination codes. If you ever encounter such a situation with the Lewis N. Clark backpack then you can just press the reset key. Pressing this key will reset every combination so that you can open the lock again with a pin or clip of some sort. With the addition of two different cables, it does get a bit confusing at times. But nonetheless, it is still a very easy to use and reliable luggage lock.